With a quick and easy 2-Page Application, we can quote six different insurance coverages for your contracting business. our exclusive program is designed for small to medium sized artisan contractors doing new construction (prior to the certificate of occupancy), remodeling, installation, service and repair. Work can be commercial, residential, industrial and institutional. Our clients work directly with property owners, as approved providers for material suppliers (for instance Home Depot or Lowes) and as subcontractors to prime or general contractors. The program tends to perform better for builders and contractors with routine, as opposed to exotic operations. We avoid heavy industrial work, work on navigable waterways and work at great heights (over 3 stories) or depth below grade (over 12 feet). Specifically, each client must meet the following rules:

1. $1.5 million in annual sales or less

2. $400,000 in subcontracted work or less

3. $500,000 or less in field payroll (excludes payroll attributed to owners, office/clerical & salespersons)

4. No new construction of residential condominiums, townhomes or tracts where more than 15 homes are intended to be part of the project


A. Commercial General Liability

B. Workers' Compensation

C. Commercial Auto

D. Commercial Property & Contractor's Equipment

E. Umbrella Liability

F. Contractor's License Bond

G. Additional coverages (Employment Practices, Group Health, Performance and Payment Bonds) available upon request


I. Review the Eligibility Guidelines to confirm you qualify for the program.

II. Use the Classification Guide to find your type of operations and to confirm our program covers your specific class of business

III. Use the Workers' Compensation Code Guide to find your worker classification and to confirm our Workers' Compensation program covers your specific class of employees

IV. Complete the 2-Page Application to get quotes for as many as six different insurance coverages.

V. Email the completed form to

V. Or you can use the following button to complete and submit your application to us online

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