Incorporated in 1978 in California, C & P Insurance Services has been a preeminent provider of insurance and risk management services to an expanding client base for over thirty years. Never content to rest our our laurels, we are constantly seeking out new products and technologies that expand not only the level of protection we offer our clients but the speed and efficiency with which we can deliver them.   

Working with C & P Insurance is a consultative process. We make every effort to streamline the process by which clients communicate their risk management challenges to us and eliminate the traditional redundancy in the insurance brokerage process. We use uniform, automated underwriting information gathering, and provide instant online service for activities such as creating Certificates & Evidence of Insurance, reporting claims and adjusting coverage.   

We serve businesses of all types throughout our select business territory (currently California). Providing a comprehensive approach to risk management and insurance, we focus on providing absolute efficiency and comprehensive protection that allows our clients to focus on their core business. With sales between half a million dollars and one hundred and fifty million dollars annually, our clients are leaders in the Construction, Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Retail, Service and Hospitality industries.